Traveling in a Personal Vehicle Is a Delight

Traveling by your personal vehicle is a warm-weather tradition and is an appropriate family getaway. Road trips are the highlight of summers for most people. Vacationers feel safe and stress-free in their personal vehicle with a little planning ahead, once safety and insurance are checked before leaving.

Check your car, clean reflectors, lights, and windows. Check the tire pressure and the tires, the transmission fluid levels and oil.
Visit a mechanic to identify possible issues and ask him to fix before you hit the road.
Go rightly prepared with jumper cables, a flashlight, road flares and reflective triangles. Make sure you have a spare tire and you must be aware of operating the car jack.

There are pros and cons while traveling by car and these must be considered before deciding on traveling using a personal vehicle.


Flexibility: Traveling with your personal vehicle means it offers complete flexibility. You can travel anywhere you want without paying for other transport such as train station or bus. You can make stops as required and travel at your suitable hour, even during off public transport schedules.
Easy Transportation: Traveling with goods and also with your shopping is easier.
Reliability: There is no need to delay or cancel and disrupt the journey. You can run late and make your own arrangements as your personal vehicle is more reliable.


Cost: Running a car indicates an increase in the cost, especially with fuel rising constantly. Instead considering carpooling or choosing vehicles offering high miles helps reducing fuel bills.
Environmental Impact: People anxious about the environment may take public transport and help even by walking short distances, share a car or use an environmentally friendly car.
Congestion: There is a high level of vehicle users causing traffic jams and congestion owing to parking spaces. This results in high parking charges. Instead using public transport is helpful.
Slow: This is a shocking con, but true. Normally a long distance traveled on a train or airplane saves money and time, while cars are expensive and slow.

Cities are locations featuring complex spatial structures. The larger the city, the complexity is greater and is potential for disruptions. Urban productivity depends on transport system efficiency and this leads to congestion plaguing cities. The notable urban problem is a parking issue.

Parking problems are due to lack of space. Illegal parking is another menace disturbing businesses. This way, customers are unable to park vehicles and it leads to congestion. However, parking is a matter of concern when you are in your personal vehicle and it is a big responsibility to look for appropriate parking space. Consider these tips to ensure safe parking:

Park in the areas that are bright-lit, so that everything is safe. Narrow streets are prone to dent marks or accidents.
Ensure all the car doors are locked at the parking lots and without fail switch-off the air conditioner.
Park in a tree shade to avoid sun heat, but they must be small trees to withstand any strong wind or storm.